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Institute of Molecular Genetics, Montpellier, France

Group Leaders – Innovative Biology

The Montpellier Institute of Molecular Genetics (IGMM) – a CNRS centre for basic research – has openings for junior or established group leaders.

IGMM currently hosts 18 teams working on RNA biogenesis, epigenetic regulation, chromatin biology, cell cycle, cancer, cell death, gene expression, virology and cell biology of immune cells (see The institute is located on a dynamic campus with 800 scientists in life sciences, including 300 in ecology, and will soon include 700 in chemistry with the opening of the new chemistry pole.

Candidates must have a solid training and a strong publication record. Applicants developing new concepts, innovative methodologies or high-risk projects with strong potential are encouraged to apply. The project should fit within the global themes of IGMM and address a fundamental biological question and/or be positioned at the interface of biology, chemistry, bioinformatics, and medicine. IGMM will provide strategic and administrative support for applications for tenure-track positions and offer a financial start up package including access to state-of-the art technological facilities available on campus. Apply if you are looking for a place where basic science, biomedicine, inter-disciplinarity are cultivated and collegiality is nurtured.

Successful candidates are expected to have upon their arrival at IGMM a permanent position at CNRS/INSERM or, alternatively (for junior candidates), meet the criteria to obtain non-permanent funding through ERC or national start-up programs (e.g. ATIP-Avenir).

IGMM is backed by CNRS and the University of Montpellier. It has excellent in-house technical facilities, easy access to 13 state-of-the-art platforms (see, and encourages interdisciplinary collaborations with its neighbouring institutes in chemistry (IBMM, ICCG,, cell biology (CRBM,, infectious diseases (IRIM, http://www.irim.cnrs), and hospital centres.

Montpellier is a dynamic Mediterranean city with an exceptional environment, culture and quality of life. It is home to numerous high quality research institutes, a vibrant 70,000 student population and one of the world’s oldest medical schools.

Applications are welcome throughout the year, with tentative deadlines of Jun 1st and Dec 1st, 2019. For inquiries about the procedure or IGMM, please contact us at[a]igmm.

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